Bylaws & Constituency

2022 SNA-SC Bylaws

Sample Bylaws From NSNA HERE to start and/or update your local chapter bylaws.

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Benefits of Constituency:

  • Scholarship and Chapter Awards

  • Leadership Opportunities

  • Annual State and National Conventions

  • NCLEX Reviews

  • Imprint - NSNA's Magazine

  • Reduced rates on books, magazines, and nursing supplies

  • Career Center - visit the NSNA website for more information

  • Insurance and Student Loan Programs - visit the NSNA website for more information

  • NSNA Partnerships - visit the NSNA website for more information

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School Chapters have responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Communication

  • Education

  • Finances

  • Legislation

  • Membership

  • Recruitment into Nursing and Career Counseling

  • Relationships with Other Organizations

  • Student Rights, Grievance Activities, and Code of Ethics

  • Global Initiatives in Nursing ​

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