Public Relations Director

About Morgan

My name is Morgan Kramer and I am a first-year nursing student at USC-Columbia! This year I am the Public Relations Director at Student Nurses’ Association of South Carolina. It is my first year holding a position on the SNA-SC board and I could not be more excited! Becoming a nurse has been a dream of mine for a while now, this career choice definitely runs through my blood as my mother is also an RN. After seeing the countless opportunities, bonds with co-workers, and overall reward of being able to save lives through my mother I knew nursing was not only going to be my major, but something I really wanted to immerse myself in. I am so ecstatic to serve all of you as a board member and work with the rest of the executive board to bring together the best and brightest nursing students in SC!

Public Relations Director Responsibilities:

  • Updates the SNA-SC website, Facebook page, Instagram account and all other social media platforms

  • Sets up ticketing sites for all SNA-SC events

  • Serves as primary communicator between constituents and the Executive Board

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