Population & Global Health


Sushannah Townsend


About Sushannah

My name is Sushannah Townsend and I am in my first year of college at Midlands Tech. I am currently in the Pre-Nursing Program, and I finish next year. I am very excited to be joining the SNA-SC board for my first year. I am currently planning to be an RN and get a BSN in the future at Anderson University in South Carolina. My parents were the reason I wanted to do nursing. They adopted me when I was eight and a half years old when they were in their 40s or 50s. As the days and years progressed, their health did also, so I decided to become a nurse and help them with their health. Not only do I plan on helping my parents, but also other people who have health problems and can’t help themselves. I look forward to working with the rest of the board and help with people who enjoy nursing.

Population & Global Health Director Responsibilities:

  • Collaborates and encourages local SNA chapters to become involved in their communities

  • Works on the population & global health project each year


  • Coming Soon!