Breakthrough to Nursing


Clarissa Salas

About the BTN Director

My name is Clarissa Salas. I am doing the RN-BSN program at USC Aiken. I love helping others and expanding my knowledge to help future nurses. I am the Breakthrough to Nursing Director for the Student Nurses’ Association of South Carolina this year. It is my passion to diversify the nursing profession to provide increased quality care to patients. I also would like to see more diversity in healthcare professions. I was legislative director for the Student Nurses’ Association of South Carolina in the 2019-2020 term and now BTN Director for 2021-2022 term. I got my Associate Degree in Nursing in August 2020. Looking forward to a wonderful year!

BTN Director Responsibilities:

  • Outreach within the community and school chapters to promote diversification in the nursing field

  • Encourages and motivates students to become involved in the SNA-SC and NSNA

  • Updates and publishes an annual Breakthrough to Nursing Handbook