SNA-SC Consultants

Dr. Eboni Harris

SNA-SC Professional Consultant

University of South Carolina

Term of Service 2024-2026

Stacy Smith

SNA-SC Professional Consultant

Tri-County Technical College

Term of Service 2023-2025

Emily Osborne

SNA-SC Executive Consultant

McLeod Health

Term of Service 2024-2026

Interested in being a Professional Consultant?

Do you have a passion for helping the future leaders of the nursing profession? 

Are you excited by the idea of being a mentor to current student nurse leaders? 

Then being a professional consultant for the SNA-SC Executive Board might be your next step to achieving that goal!

The roles of the profession consultant are as follows: 

10.1 There shall be a council of consultants. The council shall consist of at least two (2) professional consultants but no more than three (3) and at least one (1) executive consultant that will be recommended by the previous Executive Board and appointed by the newly elected Executive Board.

10.1-1 The consultants will attend a minimum of four (4) meetings annually, review board minutes monthly, be familiar with the functions of the organization, and be available as a resource to make appointments with Executive Board Members, as needed.

10.1-2 The professional consultants shall be instructors or administrators in a state approved school of nursing. The new professional consultants shall be appointed for two (2) Executive Board terms with the option of reappointment at the end of each term, alternating such that there is a one-year overlap between consultants. The appointing of a new professional consultant shall take place no later than the first Executive Board meeting following the Annual SNA-SC State Convention. 

10.1-3 The council shall:

(a) Serve as a resource by counseling and advising officers, committees and members.

(b) Attend MidYear Conference and Annual Convention, as well as a minimum of one (1) board meeting every semester.

(c) Maintain channels of communication with consultants of constituent student associations.

(d) Travel expenses for the council for the monthly meetings of the board shall be paid by SNA-SC. In the event that two or more executive officers or council members are traveling together, travel expenses shall be paid only to one individual.

(f) Be an NSNA sustaining member and an ANA member, to be paid by SNA-SC. 

Applications are reviewed annually at the first board meeting after an election.

Please send any questions to


We thank you for your support and encouragement of SNA-SC and all the future leaders of the nursing profession!

Dana Reece

SNA-SC Professional Consultant

Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Served Until 2023

Janice Lanham

SNA-SC Professional Consultant

Clemson University

Served Until 2021

Sherry James

SNA-SC Professional Consultant

Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Served Until 2021

Martha Eddings 

SNA-SC Professional Consultant

Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Served Until 2021