SNA-SC 2015 Convention Delegate Information

The number of delegates for each constituent school are listed in the table below.

Anderson University: 4

Central Carolina Technical College: 6

Charleston Southern University: 1

Clemson University: 5

Fortis College: 1

Francis Marion University: 4

Greenville Technical College: 10

Horry-Georgetown Technical College: 3

Lander University: 1

Medical University of South Carolina: 2

Midlands Technical College: 4

Newberry College: 2

Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College: 6

Piedmont Technical College: 5

South University: 2

Spartanburg Community: 3

Tri-County Technical College: 1

Trident Technical College: 2

University of South Carolina-Aiken: 3

University of South Carolina-Beaufort: 2

University of South Carolina-Columbia: 7

University of South Carolina-Lancaster: 1

University of South Carolina-Salkehatchie: 3

University of South Carolina-Upstate: 4

Note: Calculations based on membership numbers as of midnight September 26, 2015 were used to determine the number of delegates.

Delegate Credentialing Form

  • 2015 Delegate Credentialing Form - Please fill out and bring with proof of school enrollment and NSNA membership to convention.
  • Constituency Application - School chapters of the SNA must submit the NSNA Constituency Application yearly. Please review this document and return to the NSNA.

School Delegates

Each constituent school is entitled to voting delegates and alternates outlined in bylaw 7.1-1:

“Each constituent association shall be entitled to delegates according to the number of members in good standing in SNA-SC. Delegates shall be elected by the various constituent school chapters. The school chapter may designate an alternate delegate for each delegate by selection and/or election by members of the school chapter according to chapter bylaws. Delegates shall be:

Each additional 50 members shall entitle a constituent school chapter to one additional delegate. This computation shall be based on the evidence of annual dues received by SNA-SC from NSNA on a date decided by the Executive Board.”

All schools entitled to delegates have been notified. The school delegate must bring the School Delegate Credentialing application and must also show proof of enrollment in the constituent school of nursing. Proof can be a student ID card. A school chapter officer must sign the credentialing application.


Alternates must be listed on and sign the Credentialing Form. An alternate will only be entitled to sit in the House of Delegates when the official delegate will be absent for the entire meeting. To be seated in the House of Delegates, the alternate must be wearing the delegate's ribbon, and school delegate alternates must be prepared to show proof of enrollment in the constituent school of nursing.

Election to the office of delegate for a state or national convention is one of the highest honors a member can receive. Serving as a delegate is an honor, privilege and a commitment because this position carries a great responsibility. Each delegate is expected to exercise informed judgment in decision-making about issues that significantly affects the constituency and the nursing profession.

Delegate Responsibilities

  1. Study issues to be considered at the meeting.
    1. Read all materials sent to the delegates.
    2. Be conversant on major issues facing the profession.
  2. Seek advice and knowledge from chapter members and from other informed nurses active in the various nursing programs and practice areas.
  3. Arrive at the convention site early enough to attend delegate briefing and all portions of the business meeting until the SNA-SC House of Delegates is adjourned.
  4. If delegate cannot attend the briefing session or must be absent from any session of the House of Delegates, the delegate must notify the chapter president as early as possible, so that the appropriate alternate can be credentialed.
  5. The delegate should maintain an orderly file of meeting related materials (such as labeled folder or notebook) and should take this to the briefing session and House of Delegates. Transfer of this file of material to an alternate will facilitate effective alternate service should the delegate not be able to serve.
  6. Participate in post-convention reporting to the chapter constituency and serve as a resource to the chapter in implementation of delegate actions.
  7. Appropriate dress for the House of Delegates is business casual.

Voting for State Officers

Voting for the members of the 2015/2016 Executive Board takes place on Sunday morning. Voting starts at 8:00 am and ends promptly at 9:00 am.

Delegates are issued a delegate ribbon at the time of credentialing. This delegate ribbon must be presented at the time of the election before a ballot is issued. If an alternate is voting in place of a delegate, the alternate must have the delegate ribbon.