Rules for KAPLAN Jeopardy Bowl

1. Purpose of this game is to have fun receiving nursing facts!

2. The questions come from information contained in the Kaplan the NCLEX course materials and nursing textbooks.

3. You may not always agree with the answer, but please don’t argue.

4. These questions are not NCLEX-style questions but review nursing facts.

5. All buzzers work as demonstrated before the game starts.

6. All answers must be given in the form of a question.

7. You may not confer with your team members to decide on an answer. All answers must be determined individually.

8. The audience may not provide answers to any team.

9. When the buzzer sounds, the reader will stop and the team member must provide an answer.

10. Points are added if the answer is correct.

11. Points are deducted if the answer is incorrect.

12. If a team member gives an incorrect answer before the complete question is read, the entire question will be read to the opposing team and an opposing team member may answer.

13. The team with the highest point total at the end of the final round will receive the Grand Prize.

14. The runner up will receive the second prize.