Nominations & Elections Committee Director

Disney Cuddington

SNA-SC Nominations and Elections Committee Director

About Disney

Hi fellow future nurses of South Carolina! My name is Disney Cuddington and I am your Nominations & Elections Committee Director for the 2019-2020 South Carolina Student Nurses’ Association Executive Board. I am originally from North Carolina, about three hours from Columbia, and moved down to hot, hot South Carolina in September of 2017. I started my second career, pursuing nursing, in October of 2017 when I completed a CNA program through Midlands Technical College. I started my official college career in Spring of 2018, seven years after completing high school, and look forward to starting clinical courses within the next year. I have been working as a Medication Technician for a little over a year now, at an assisted living facility, and I’m loving every minute I get to spend with my patients. I wanted to join something with a wider reach than just my local college’s SNA group, so at convention of this year I ran for a state level position. I hope to be a resource for all your concerns, a support system when you are in doubt, and a cheerleader when you succeed. I look forward to inspiring, encouraging and supporting all of my fellow nurses of tomorrow!

NEC Director Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for encouraging candidates to run for positions
  • Raises awareness for the Annual State Convention by traveling to schools across South Carolina to present to nursing students
  • Updates the SNA-SC Executive Board Candidate Packet annually
  • Presents pre-slated and newly slated candidates for the executive board positions during convention
  • Attends all events held by the state and attends local chapter events when invited