Ethics & Governance Director

Clarissa Salas

SNA-SC Ethics & Governance Director

(formerly Legislative Director)

About Clarissa

Hello Fellow Nursing Students,

I am very honored to be the Legislative Director for SC SNA Board. I want to take the time and thank every one for choosing me! I am a nursing student, wife and guardian. I know life could get hectic but making time for ourselves is always very important. In order to take care of someone else, you have to be good yourself.

Ethics & Governance Director Responsibilities:

  • Assists the President-Elect with Mid Year preparations
  • Serves as the chairperson of the committee on bylaws
  • Promotes political awareness among nursing students
  • Plans legislative activities
  • Updates the Resolution Writing Handbook annually

Welcome to the SNA-SC Ethics & Goveranance Page!

SNA-SC Resolutions Deadline: December 1st, 2017

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Click the link below to visit the NSNA's resolutions page for helpful information on writing resolutions. Resources include Index of Resolutions (Past 10 Years), Guidelines for Planning Resolutions, FAQ, Template for Resolutions, & Form for Submitting Resolutions.

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