Breakthrough to Nursing

Andrew Mappus

SNA-SC Breakthrough to Nursing Director

About Andrew

Hello Everyone,

My name is Andrew Mappus, I am a sophomore nursing student at the citadel. I am so pleased to have been elected as your 2019 SNA-SC BTN Director. I am hoping that I can use some of the skills that I have been able to learn as a cadet at the citadel to better benefit you the student nurses of South Carolina. While it’s not the easiest path I for sure think that being a cadet at the citadel has benefited me in many ways and will benefit me as a registered nurse. I hope to work closely with the community health director to accomplish many goals that I have set for this year!!!

BTN Director Responsibilities:

  • Outreach within the community and school chapters to promote diversification in the nursing field
  • Encourages and motivates students to become involved in the SNA-SC and NSNA
  • Updates and publishes an annual Breakthrough to Nursing Handbook