Interested in being a Professional Consultant?

Have you wanted to become more involved in the creation of the future nurse leaders?

According to the SNA-SC By-laws, duties include:

10.1      There shall be a council of consultants.  The council shall consist of two professional consultants and at least one executive consultant that will be recommended by the previous Executive Board and appointed by the newly elected Executive Board. 
10.1-1      The two professional consultants shall be instructors or administrators in a state approved school of nursing.  The new professional consultants shall be appointed for a two term with the option of reappointment at the end of each term, alternating such that there is one-year overlap between consultants.  An appointment made other that at the annual convention shall be designated by the newly elected officers no later than their first Executive Board meeting. 
10.1-2      The council shall: 
(a)        Serve as a resource by counseling and advising officers, committees and members.
(b)          Attend all meetings of this association.  Absence of an advisor without good cause from two consecutive meetings of the association shall constitute a resignation of office, and a successor will be selected and appointed as designated by the Executive Board.
(c)         Maintain channels of communication with consultants of constituent student associations. 
(d)       Travel expenses for the council for the monthly meetings of the board shall be paid by SNA-SC.  In the event that two or more executive officers or council members are traveling together, travel expenses shall be paid only to one individual.

Sounds pretty easy and fun! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a current Executive Board member. Please contact Bethany Ghent at if you are interested in the position.