Local Chapters


  • Minutes are to be submitted by local chapters EACH MONTH. You do not need to submit any other monthly reports to the secretary specifically, other than your meeting minutes.
    • **All BTN reports should be submitted to the BTN Director, by emailing Justin McMahan at btn@sna-sc.org** .
  • The minutes template can be found here for assistance with writing your institution's SNA Board Meeting Minutes. This standardized format can also be downloaded from the forms tab.
  • Minute Submission: To submit your monthly minutes, please click here and select your school's respective drop box. Please refrain from emailing your minutes.
    • When dropping your document, please ensure it is titled with the date in this format "##.##.####" (month.day.year), along with the name of your school. For example: “04.30.2020 Aiken Technical College Minutes”.

Constituency Information

  • Constituency Information is to be submitted as a means for us to stay connected with your local chapter. It is crucial to submit this form as soon as your executive board has been elected, so that we have your updated contacts on file.
  • The constituency form can be accessed here.
  • To submit your constituency form, please use the drop box link provided here.
  • If you have any questions about submissions, staying in contact with the SNA board, or anything else, please feel free to reach out! My email is secretary@sna-sc.org.