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Leadership Retreat 2011:

Reaching New Heights as Future Nurses

Here is the info for everyone from the CRNA:
Give John a call if you have any additional questions that need to be answered relating to the CRNA discipline. John gave us a lot of information to but I'm sure many of you have even more questions. As a reminder, John also was willing to let some of us SNA members  shadow him at Moncreif Hospital at Fort Jackson.
Tom Spencer
2nd VP

Leadership Conference 2011
I hope everyone semester has started off well.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our Leadership Conference.   The Leadership “Retreat” is going to be held at Gravatt Camp and Conference Center, in Aiken, SC on February 12, 2011. The theme for the event is " Reaching new Heights as Future Nurses". We are currently planning a fun filled day that will include a key note speaker, breakout sessions and a half day of fun filled ropes work.Lunch will be provided as well.
The keynote speaker will be Marilyn Luongo. She is a clinical manager at Providence Hospital with over seventeen years of leadership experience. We will also have two speakers for our "Disciplines of Nursing: Roles and Responsibilities". Chris Pregnall, a flight nurse working with Life Net out of Augusta, Ga.will be speaking on the roles and responsibilities of the flight nurse. As a special bonus, Chris has arranged for a helicopter and flight crew to fly into Camp Gravatt! The second guest speaker is John Stas, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and will be speaking on the roles and responsibilities of the CRNA.  John is the chief of anesthesia at Moncrief Army hospital and has over 24 yrs of service in the army. He has been to both
Iraq and Afghanistan.
A big part of the day will be spent on the low and high ropes course at Camp Gravatt. For anyone who is not familiar with the ropes course, the ropes course is not made to test your strength or physical ability. It is made to test your mental ability and build your team building and leadership qualities so that we may be able to apply them to our everyday lives. Camp Gravatt practices the Challenge by Choice where participants choose their own level of participation and the staff and group members support participants as they go through the course. Make sure that you dress appropriately according to the weather. Registration begins at 9:00 am.
 There will also be a pennies war competition between the schools. Containers will be set up for each school to deposit the money into. All checks, dollars, and pennies add to a schools points. Silver change can be used to deduct points from another school by putting silver change into another schools container. The winner of the Pennies War will receive 1/2 of what is collected. 
Costs for the event and registration forms are available below.
Hope to see you there!
 2nd V.P