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Hello nursing students of South Carolina. I am pleased to serve you all as President-Elect of SNA-SC. I am enrolled at the University of South Carolina Aiken. Upon graduation, it is my goal to become a L&D nurse. 

I hope to accomplish a few goals during my time as President-Elect. The first goal is to strengthen the relationship between SNA-SC and the local chapter SNAs around the state. SNA-SC would not be in existence without the chapters it serves. My second goal is to allow students from across the state to have their say in how SNA-SC plans the events to better serve the students. That can be accomplished by opening up the committees of SNA-SC to all nursing students (please follow the link "Join our Committees" below). My third goal during my term is to give back to the communities that support nursing students. I will be planning Festival of Opportunities (formerly known as Leadership Day/Conference) in the fall. The event will be an event for nursing student, pre-nursing students, high school students and the community members. My final goal is to help raise awareness to the numerous health concerns that face our nation's citizens every day. 

I would like to challenge all of you to become an active member of SNA as we continue to better the nursing career. SNA is not just another student run organization. SNA is an organization that allows student nurses to have a say in their future career field by advocating for better healthcare to every American and making a legal footprint by lobbying for nurses' rights and equal career advancement.

In closing, I look forward to serving you all and meeting as many of you as I can. The 2017-2018 Executive Board is here for you and encourage you to please contact us whenever you have a question, comment or concern.