Council of School Representatives (COSR)

The SNA-SC holds monthly Council of School Representatives (COSR) meetings at 11 AM one Saturday every month (or suitable alternative) at different locations around the state. All South Carolina nursing schools are encouraged to have a representative present. The focus of COSR meetings is to network, share ideas, and discuss state and national topics of interest to student nurses and the nursing profession. During meetings, members also receive valuable information regarding community health projects, legislative issues, membership programs, and information on state/national workshops and conventions.

COSR Location - March 18

    Darla Moore School of Business, Room 135
    University of South Carolina

    Located at the corner Assembly and Greene St.
    Parking is located behind the building across
    Park St. 

The SNA-SC will pay mileage for one vehicle from each school.  In order to receive mileage, please bring a printed copy of directions from the school to the SCNA building.

We look forward to seeing you there and hearing about all of the exciting things your school is doing!

2017 COSR Meeting Schedule